How To Get Tushita Sword! Torches Location(Full Guide) In Bloxfruit YouTube

Tushita Sword Blox Fruits How to Get Tusita Legendary Sword + Showcase YouTube

The first step to getting Tushita is to obtain God's Chalice. This is an item that drops from Elite Pirates. Prior to facing these enemies, you will need to head to the Castle on the Sea and speak with the Elite Hunter. This NPC will give you a quest to kill an Elite Pirate, who then has around a two percent chance to drop God's Chalice.

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Players will need to obtain the God's Chalice, an item that is found after defeating Elite Pirates within the Haunted Castle. After players have obtained this item, they'll need to spawn and defeat rip_indra, which is a challenging battle. After the battle has been completed, head towards Hydra Island and start the search for the Waterfall Room.

How to get Tushita! Blox fruits YouTube

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Tushita is quite a problematic item to obtain and if you want to get it you will need to reach level 2,000. After that, just follow the next step: Go to the Haunted Castle and get the God's Chalice from Elite Pirates. Go to the Castle on the Sea and summon the boss named rip_indra. Go to Hydra Island and find the big waterfall.

How To Get Legendary Tushita Sword! Secret Longma Puzzle in Blox Fruits YouTube

In this video, I teach you the FASTEST and EASIEST Way to get Tushita In Blox Fruits STEP BY STEP!Play the game:


The easiest way to defeat him is to stand behind the wall and hit him through the wall. He'll never be able to attack back, and you should be able to defeat him. Longma drops the Tushita sword as a reward, which includes two powerful moves: Z Move: Heavenly Lunges X Move: Celestial Ravager.

How to get Tushita Easy in Blox Fruits! *STEP BY STEP* YouTube

Tushita is a legendary sword in Blox Fruits that packs mildly absurd damage and speed stats, making it one of the best all-rounder swords in the game. It only has two attacks, but both of them fly out at terrifying speeds and utterly eviscerate anyone unlucky enough to be standing in front of you. To obtain this sword, you're going to need to.

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The first thing you will need to do to get the Tushita Sword is to make sure that you have reached Level 2000 in the game. Otherwise, you will not be granted the sword. You will also need to have God's Chalice in your possession, which you can gain by defeating Elite Pirates.

How To Get Tushita Sword! Torches Location(Full Guide) In Bloxfruit YouTube

Roblox 2006 Browse game Gaming Browse all gaming I Trusted Noobs With Mythical Blox Fruits In this video, I will show you a step by step tutorial and guide on how to get the Tushita sword, and.

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Now in order to get Tushita, follow the steps below: First you need to head to Hydra Island. Under a waterfall, you will find the wall of Yama's room. Break this wall and enter. Next, you will be swarmed with a bunch of ghosts you have to defeat. After that, you need to find the Secret Entrance.

How To Get Tushita In 3 Minutes Blox Fruits YouTube

Step 3: Solve the Tushita Torch Puzzle. Entering the portal in the waterfall triggers the Tushita Torch Puzzle, a mini-game with five torches hidden in a massive area. You must light all five of them within a time limit. Here's where to find the torches: Torch One: Inside a house near the Forest Pirates. Torch Two: On a wall of the broken.

How to get Tushita Easy in Blox Fruits! *STEP BY STEP* YouTube

Tushita is a Legendary sword . Getting both Tushita and Yama to 350 mastery, and being level 2200 or higher will grant the player access to do the Cursed Dual Katana puzzle and to obtain Cursed Dual Katana once they have completed the puzzle. Contents 1 Obtainment 2 Upgrading 3 Moveset 4 Overview 5 Notes 6 Trivia 7 Navigation Obtainment

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How to Get Tushita There is a series of processes that you must follow to obtain the Tushita. Follow the steps below to get Tushita and obtain the revered "Celestial Swordsman" title. Step.

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How To Get Tushita Sword!!! Tushita Puzzle In Blox Fruits YouTube

The Tushita, in particular, is a high-tier katana, known for its association with the heavens and celestial bodies. It is counted among the top three swords in the game, making it a coveted item for players. Yama, on the other hand, forms a compelling narrative as the twin weapon to Tushita. Together, they create the Cursed Dual Katana, an awe.

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